We value Box Tops Coordinators and all your work in support of Texas schools. You are the heart and soul of Box Tops for Education™ and we want to support and celebrate the difference you make at your school! Below are some quick collection tips and tools to help!

Team pages will help you track your school’s collection goals and communicate upcoming deadlines and events!

Help your school earn 100 eBoxTops™ just for registering!

EARN 50 eBoxTops for creating your team page +
EARN 50 eBoxTops when 10 people from your school register

= EARN 100 eBoxTops! Limit one offer per school.

($5.00 value to BTFE-eligible school) ($5.00 value to BTFE-eligible school) ($10.00 value to BTFE-eligible school)

Coordinator Tools

Coordinators please register or log in above to your account to get exclusive access to your coordinator tools. Exclusive coordinator tools include a Collection Sheet and Flyer.

Coordinator Tips: Collection Ideas

1. Raise the Bar:

Encourage parent collections by rewarding top parent earners with prizes that everyone can enjoy.

2. Clipping Carnival:

Have a Box Tops booth at your school’s Fall Festival or Carnival. Parents can exchange Box Tops for tickets to dunk their favorite teacher or throw a pie at the principal, all with the teachers’ and principals’ permission of course!

3. Collection Sheets:

Make collection sheets available on a weekly basis in each student’s take-home parent folder. Parents can hang their collection sheet on the fridge at home and fill up their sheet as they purchase Box Tops items.